Content Marketing

Web Content Writing

Building a website is tough. Filling it with high-quality content is even tougher.

At Whiteboard, we specialize in creating custom web content. And we’re not just in the business of building home pages. We grow local businesses through rich product and service pages, hand-crafted blog posts, and in-house photos and videos. We also build portfolio and testimonial pages, so your viewers can browse your work and read reviews from all your happy customers.

No matter your need, we can help. Drop us a line, and let’s work together to breath new life into your website.

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Blog Article Writing

Most experts agree, if you’re not posting content every eighteen hours, people will stop thinking about you. But creating over 1,000 words in blog content every week is a little much–even for the most driven small business owners.

You need a writing staff.

At Whiteboard Creations, our team of content creators specialize in relevant, well-researched, high-quality blog articles. More importantly, we know all the tricks to writing evergreen content that dominates Google search rankings.

After all, regular blog content is the most effective way to improve your company’s online visibility, from paid search rankings to organic web traffic.

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Email Marketing

While it’s tempting to think that social media has overtaken email as the king of online communication, email is still the most effective marketing tool on the web. In fact, studies show that email marketing is about 40 times more effective than Facebook ads.

But setting up a campaign and filling it with good content can be tough.

That’s where we come in. Let Whiteboard Creations help you build your next email marketing campaign. We’ll manage your sign-up forms and email lists and create custom newsletters for your members.

Want to advertise a new product or coupon? We can do that. Want to spread the news about new locations or hours? We can do that, too.

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Business Video Production

Blogs and pictures are great, but you know what really gets people’s attention? Videos. In fact, video advertisements are the top-converting media on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

But creating quality video content is a little more complicated than recording yourself with your cell phone. Good content requires planning, scripting, framing, and editing. It also takes time to compress and upload.

Let us take care of it for you. We’ll help you give customers a digital tour of your business, create custom advertisements for your social media feeds, or convert your old blog posts into YouTube videos.

Ready to improve your content marketing with video production?

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Business Photography

High-quality images are the easiest way to improve your organic search ranking. They’re more potent than blog posts, and they’re less time-consuming than videos. Besides, showing people your products and services is much more effective than telling them about them.

But we won’t just take your pictures. We’ll add them to your website and optimize them for you: we’ll resize them for mobile screens, add alt text, and title them with SEO-appropriate keywords.

Stop buying stock images, and hire us to create organic, high-quality content for you.

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