Email Marketing

Imagine being able to combine the personal touch of social media with the design and analytics capabilities of a landing page. This is what email marketing can do for you.

But getting your first campaign off the ground can be a bit confusing. We’re here to help.

What is email marketing?

In broad terms, email marketing is the act of sending branded messages to customers via email: it’s a lead generation juggernaut that allows you to send highly customized promotions, discounts, and updates to people who already love your products or services.

Want to promote a new product with a coupon? Need to get the word out about your new holiday hours? Email it.

And since everyone on your mailing list is a subscriber, you don’t have to worry about targeting non-shoppers. If someone doesn’t want receive promotions anymore, they can opt-out. No biggie.

Email isn’t just a powerful marketing tool; it’s a great remarketing tool, too. Most customers tend to window shop on their phones and buy things later on their home computers. In the time between browsing and completing the purchase, they often forget which items they viewed. Email is a great way to remind them.

But the best part? Email advertising is easy to track. It offers more reporting capabilities than almost any other form of digital marketing, allowing you to check click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. No need to wait to see how well that ‘20% off’ coupon performed; check it in real time.

How can email marketing improve my business?

To date, more internet users check email than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter–meaning you’re more likely to reach their inbox than anywhere else. In fact, some studies show that email marketing is about 40 times more effective than social media.

Specifically, email marketing can improve your business in two ways:

  1. It keeps your customers informed
  2. It personalizes their shopping experience

Email Keeps Your Customers informed

Believe it or not, people like keeping tabs on their favorite brands. They like reading the latest tips, tricks, or gossip; and they’re particularly fond of new products, sales, and discounts.

Your email subscribers are your brand advocates. The more included they feel, the more likely they are to tell their friends. And word-of-mouth is invaluable.

Email Makes Shopping Personal

People like feeling special. Offering personalized promotions or discounts can help you complete sales and build relationships with your audience. Help them complete the sale they were browsing earlier or offer them a coupon for being awesome.

After all, who doesn’t like getting free stuff on their birthday?

How can I get started?

Setting up an email campaign can be tough; filling it with good content can be even tougher. So let us help you out.

Partner with Whiteboard Creations, and we’ll build your next email campaign for you. We’ll manage your subscribers and create custom newsletters for your members.

Ready to drive more sales with email marketing? Let’s talk!