Business Video Production

High Quality, Affordable Video Production Services

Here’s a staggering fact: Video makes up about one-third of all internet consumption. That’s about 500 million hours of YouTube every single day. And of those views, over half of it is viewed on mobile screens.

No wonder ~87% of all digital marketing has switched to video.

By simply adding videos to your site, you can dramatically improve your sales numbers, search rankings, and engagement scores. And we’re here to help you do it.

Where do videos fit in my digital marketing strategy?

No matter your problem, video marketing can solve it.

Need help hitting sales or acquisition quotas? Start a video campaign on Google or Facebook. Ads with videos have almost double the quality/relevance scores of non-video ads; they also have much higher impressions and click-through rates.

Want to expand your brand? Nothing increases awareness more quickly than a well-placed video. In fact, Google recently updated their Search algorithm to prefer videos over images. By simply adding a couple videos to your My Business page, you can quickly edge out the competition in Local SEO rankings.

On top of that, video can improve analytics for all your other, non-video media. Need help improving session duration on your blog? Add a visual summary to the top of your posts. Want to improve sales on your eCommerce pages? Turn your product snapshots into video clips.

Need more ideas? Here are a few of our specialties:

  • Staff bios
  • Digital tours
  • Patient and customer testimonials
  • Creative storytelling

No matter your story, video is the best way to share it.

Where does my business get started with video production?

Honestly, most phone cameras are high-quality enough to capture great footage. If you want to shoot ads yourself, that’s great. In fact, some of the best-performing ads on the internet are home-grown videos. Most digital marketers hate to admit this in front of clients, but it’s true. And if that’s the route you want to take, we’d love to consult you on it.

But if you want professional scripting, shooting, and editing, you’ll to need to hire a professional. We have the tools to tell your story and broadcast it to every corner of your market.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • HD/4K picture quality
  • On-location shooting (both on-site and off-site)
  • Studio shooting
  • Drone footage
  • Motion graphics
  • 360 degree video

Partner with Whiteboard Creations to script, shoot, and edit your next video project. Your story is incredible; we want to tell it.

Ready to reach more people with in-house video production? Let’s talk!