SEO can feel a little like a magic amulet: something that mysterious strangers in alleyways wave around their heads, promising to cure all ills. However, closer inspection reveals that the seller has only a vague idea of what they’re selling—if they follow through with anything at all. The following tips can help you avoid such a fate and find a qualified, experienced SEO company in Apex, like Whiteboard Digital, that knows how to get results.

It Sets Realistic Expectations

If you encounter an agency that says it will “guarantee #1 rank in Google!”, it’s probably too good to be true and they are breaking Google’s terms, as no SEO company or consultant can guarantee any rankings for any keyword. Ever! These are service providers to avoid.

Getting a website to become the first Google search result for a given keyword is no easy feat, and a knowledgeable SEO company knows that. No matter what product or service you want to rank for, the biggest brands in the world are also gunning for that top spot, and an agency that promises to get you there is kind of like a coach promising he’ll get your kid into the NFL. It’s possible, but it won’t be cheap, fast, or easy.

It Tells You What You’ll Be Getting, Up-Front 

No SEO company can outright promise that it will get you to the #1 spot on Google, but a professional SEO company should be able to tell you exactly how it’s going to improve your search rankings by clearly identifying and executing its deliverables.

Examples might include performing an audit of your site, homepage, content, or link profile; adding content to your page; or implementing internal (or “deep”) linking across your web pages. A quality SEO agency will also send you a report of your keyword rankings and KPI’s (key performance indicators) so you can see what kind of ROI you’re getting each month.

It Tells You the Truth

Some search engine optimization service providers’ mantra is to never tell clients what they might not want to hear. However, this strategy only works for so long. If your site is full of broken links, broken forms, and poorly-optimized content, you need to hear it. If all you receive is praise, you’re not getting the whole story—let alone the full value of a great agency can give you. At Whiteboard Digital, we pride ourselves on full transparency, especially with performing a website and SEO audit, to share our findings in a professional, education based manner. The good the bad and the indifferent are what is going to help your website be improved and outrank your competition.

It Functions as Your Partner 

There are things a good SEO agency will need from you in order to deliver the results you want—and not just the keys to your WordPress site. Mainly, it will need to have an ongoing, constant discussion with you about your business needs and goals. Your SEO agency should act as your ever-present partner, and be a part of your overarching business strategy. If all you’re hearing from your current SEO company is crickets, it might be time to switch.

It Improves Your Search Rankings

SEO is a lot like bodybuilding—it’s about building a strong, solid foundation over a long period of time. Just as you shouldn’t throw out your scale after a one-pound gain, you shouldn’t throw out your digital marketing company after a couple unimpressive weeks. As a general rule, results won’t start to show in at least three or six months depending on your market, your competition, and the keywords you’re wanting to rank. With that said, however, it’s an SEO agency, and its job is to ultimately improve your rankings. If six to eight months have passed with no sign of improvement, it might be time to start shopping around. You may even want to cancel your service contract, if you have one.

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