Pay Per Click or PPC is a model for online advertising whereby advertisers pay certain amount every time their ad is ‘clicked’ as opposed to every time it is displayed. Businesses wanting to advertise through using this model can set up PPC on a Pay Per Click network and specify the amount they are willing to spend for every click through that they receive. Thus the advertisers get to select the keywords or phrases they require or the category where they want their ad to appear. Ranking system for PPCGenerally, advertisers who spend a higher amount for a relevant ad get a better ranking. However, the order of appearance for ads is based on more than one factor. The PPC system for Google assesses cost per click based on various factors including click through rate, ad relevance and daily budget.  Benefits of PPC There are a number of benefits PPC offers.

  1. Setting up a PPC campaign can help you control your website traffic. It helps you build traffic in no time at all. You can even turn the traffic on and off according to your requirements.
  2. While you do not have control over organic searches in regards with where to direct your visitors, with PPC you can control the information or description and thus have a say in where you want to direct the visitor on your website.
  3. PPC also provides exposure to the international audience in accordance with your needs. In other words, organic listings restrict you to a specific geographical location, while with PPC you can control where you want your ad to be seen.

Tracking a PPC campaign It is imperative to track your PPC campaign in order to gauge how effective your campaign is. It is not necessary that if your ad has a higher click through rate, it must be the best advertisement around. Instead, what matters more is how many of those click throughs really convert to sales. Precaution Click fraud is something that the PPC industry has to deal with on an on-going basis. The advertisers also need to beware of it by keeping themselves updated.


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