Just like search engine optimization is a process by way of which websites are made more visible to search engines, an SEO company is one that performs this task for website owners. A business may decide to conduct SEO for their website themselves, but this does not make them an SEO company. SEO is one of the various website promotion techniques with the sole purpose of increasing traffic to the website. There needs to be a certain set of skills in place for a company to claim the ability of carrying out the task of optimizing websites for search engines. Required Skills for an SEO Company An SEO company needs to be well versed with the tools and techniques of optimizing websites but at the same time it also needs to have a knowhow of other website promotion tools and techniques, whether or not it handles them as a company. If the company also offers other website promotion services, it adds feathers to its hat and proves to be profitable for them. SEO vs. Other Website Promotion Techniques All website promotion techniques cover a certain area of website promotion. While SEO focuses on organic or unpaid search results, SEM or Search Engine Marketing targets paid listings. Yet other tools used for the purpose are web content development and search engine submissions. There are some providers offering many of these solutions under one roof. If an SEO company offers other tools also, apart from SEO, it is often referred to as an “Internet Marketing” company. Social Media Marketing is yet another tool to promote websites, whereby social networks are used to market a website. Selecting an SEO company Selecting a good SEO company calls for the decision maker’s sound understanding of SEO so that he or she can carve out the criteria to base the selection decision on.


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