A stand alone and extremely precise answer to this question would be, “Everything!” Those website designs which are not constructed to be search engine friendly lose the battle before the fight for seeking customer attention even begins. What is a Search Engine Friendly Website Design? When website designs are not designed with search engine friendliness in mind, it becomes less likely for such web designs to be picked up by search engines. There are a number of ways to develop search engine friendly website designs.

  • Adding Text to Non-text Files > Always add text descriptions to your flash files, videos and images so that search engines can easily read them. Some may argue that there are already embedded links and text within videos etc. Fact of the matter is they may or may not work as most search engines are not built to scan flash files for embedded text. So add plain text descriptions to all such files
  • Use Validated HTML Codes > An erroneous HTML code or one that is not closed properly can render a text description useless. Make sure you use valid HTML codes to make your website designs search engine friendly.
  • Avoid Irrelevant Title Tags for your Web pages > Search engines use the invisible HTML code for the browser that it uses to display in the browser window and gives high weightage to a relevant and complete page title tag. Do not make it a practice to simply put your website name into the page title tag and concentrate only on the body of text within the page.
  • Place HTML Based Navigation Links on Websites > That is because search engines understand HTML well while they may overlook navigation links built in another language, say JavaScript or those created with Adode flash.
  • Watch Out for Content Duplication > If you manually create and edit pages using some web editor, than this problem is not likely to happen with you. But using blogging software or a content management system risks text duplication and hence link dilution. Find and remove duplicate content from your website to make it search engine friendly.
  • Avoid Using Hidden Text > This practice is usually caught by search engines and they remove webpage results from searches which they believe have hidden text added to their website designs.

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