There are many small businesses out there, with both online and offline services, which face the question of what to initially put in their website. This question is especially intricate for offline business products and services.

While there are no two of the same thoughts about the importance of having a website for small businesses, the opinions on what one should put in that website will most certainly vary. The basic considerations, however, remain the same.

Simple Website Design
Initially, the website should be made with a simple, yet appealing design. No need to incorporate flashy design elements. First, this will limit the costs you need to put in to designing the site. Second, it can be beefed up later once you have gauged customer response and consider it profitable to invest more into the website. It is always a better idea for new small business websites to adopt the strategy of building slowly and gradually, while looking out for customer feedback in order to improve.

Lowest Possible Complexity Level
The website should be kept simple with basic interface. A start up website does not need to have intricate interfaces and should do well with only the most needed features.

Important Sections to Incorporate
A basic website for a business should give out the following information:

About the Business: A section with information on the business description as well as the types of services offered, company history and/or management  and staff biographies.

Products: If you sell products, add an account for them on the website and provide as much information about each one as possible. Not only does this help your customers know more, but allows the search engines to index additional keywords and phrases.

Pricing: Don’t forget to specify your prices or if you are a services business, some kind of benchmark on the type of prices you charge. This may also include ordering information for customers.

Contact information: Perhaps one of the most important details to be given out. This may include you mailing address, email, phone and fax numbers. Adding a person’s name to be contacted in case of queries is also a good idea for small business websites. Posting an interactive Google Map or a user-friendly Google Directions gadget to help customers and potential customers easily find your office or retail shop along with directions from their location.

Let us know what you think a small business should need in a website as a comment below. Or feel free to contact our Cary NC web design firm with any questions or feedback.


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