Wait, I thought Google+ was dead?

It is! But, this is something even better. And, it’s been around for years (shh!).

Let us explain.

When you type a business name into Google, the very first thing you see is the Google Business Profile, taking up almost half the right side of the page.

Like so.

Traditionally, the Business Profile contains only a business’ address, phone number, hours of operation, and reviews, as well as a few photos. Previously, this simple layout didn’t leave much opportunity for business owners to communicate about their offerings and services. Now, though, Google is allowing businesses much greater creative control in the form of Google Posts.

Google Posts are just like Facebook or LinkedIn posts, except they’re visible to a massive audience, not just your social media followers. You can use Google Posts to promote a sales event, announce a new product or service, advertise a recent accomplishment, or anything else. Obviously, this is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to communicate with clients and prospects alike. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Google Posts.  

What types of Google Posts can I make?

As with other forms of marketing, the sky’s the limit in terms of what kind of content you want to share with your followers. You could use the Google Posts section to promote flash sales and events; showcase bestselling products; celebrate company milestones; advertise an open position; and much more. Some more Google Post examples include:

  • A school posting an emergency weather update. 
  • A hair salon showing off some of the previous week’s happy customers.  
  • A doctor’s office encouraging people to book an appointment.
  • A marketing company welcome a new employee to the team.
  • A coffee shop showing a video of a latte being made.

Google Posts last for about a week, and you can have up to ten of them running simultaneously, so there’s (almost) no limit to what you can do.

How can Google Posts help my local SEO?

Google likes Google stuff. This simple fact has been known to SEO consultants almost as long as SEO has been a thing. All of your Google Posts will be indexed by, guess who? Yep, Google!

Google’s algorithms tend to give a high search value to things that Google itself created, like the now-defunct Google Plus (may it rest in peace). For that reason alone, it’s a smart idea to make Google Posts a part of your overall SEO strategy, whether or not the posts are actually being indexed. It never hurts to play on the winning team. And with 93% of the global search market in its palm, Google’s the undisputed search winner.

Google Posts also offer a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website. If you post about an event, job opening, or sale and link it back to your website, your website will be indexed as more popular, and Google will elevate it in search rankings.

What about traditional SEO methods?

At this point, you might be asking yourself, why should I make content that drives people to my website, when I could use traditional SEO to direct traffic to the website itself? Using Google Posts may seem like adding an unnecessary middle man to get the same end result.

The thing is, fewer and fewer people are consulting Google’s text search results when they’re looking for a business. Think about the last time you were driving around, looking for a nearby restaurant. If you’re like the vast majority of people, you were probably interacting with the Helpful White Box, not Google’s text search results page. And it’s no wonder: With all the important information condensed into one place, Google My Business is far more convenient to mobile users on the go. Long story short? Since that’s where your customers are going, that’s where your content needs to be.

Of course, we’re not saying that traditional SEO is a waste of time—you should also focus on getting organic rankings from search results. The best SEO strategy is one that reaches both mobile users and desktop users, and adding Google Posts to your SEO arsenal is a great way to do that.

Can I measure my Google Post engagement?

Yes, you can, very easily. Google Posts’ reporting data is called Insights, and you can easily access it from your Google My Business page. You’ll be able to see each post’s views, clicks, and overall engagement percentage in a weekly or monthly time period. You’ll also be able to see data from the previous week, and compare it to the current week’s results.

You will also be able to track engagement by adding a coupon code to a certain post. If a visitor makes an online purchase using the code, you will know via Insights that they came from Posts. 

How do I make a Google Post?

First, you’ll need a Google My Business account, which you can access either online or through the Google My Business app. Once you’re logged in to your Google My Business Account, go to your business listing and click on “Posts” in the left-hand menu. 

Now, all you have to do is write your content, keeping it under the 300 word limit. You can (and should) upload an eye-catching image or video to accompany it.

Finally, you can add a call to action button (like “book an appointment” or “buy here”) that leads back to your website. You can submit up to ten posts, and visitors will be able to view them either by scrolling from left to right, or in list format.

You will also have the option to create an event, in which case you’ll be prompted to enter the start/end day and time. The post will expire when the event is over. Everything else will expire after 7 days, giving you the opportunity to continuously add fresh content.

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