Using Wikipedia for SEO: How to Get It Right

Link building as an SEO technique is not dead. Given the fact that search engine algorithms are evolving, link building as an SEO tactic too needs to acquire a new avatar. While guest posting remains a popular way out, many internet marketers hardly give techniques ‘Using Wikipedia for SEO’ a thought. They should.

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Why Wikipedia Should Be a Part of SEO Strategy

  • Wikipedia is one of the top most authority websites on the Internet
  • Wikipedia shows high up in SERPs for most queries
  • Wikipedia happens to be as clean and clear as a website can possibly be; links on various pages direct traffic to external sources

So the bottom line is – Wikipedia is an excellent choice for an internet marketer to earn some online visibility and clicks for a target page.

But, how do you go about it?

Here’re the detailed guidelines:

1. Quick Links to Get You Started

2. Be of Some Service

The fundamental idea that websites like Wikipedia are based on is to involve internet users in content creation and reviewing process.

So, the first step to earn some credibility on a high authority website like Wikipedia is to ‘contribute’ and be of some service. No pain, no gain.  

  • Before adding to the existing information on a Wikipedia page, open an account and start making some good quality edits on a regular basis.
  • Engage with passionate Wikipedia contributors on Wikipedia Talk Page.
  • Create your own User Page on Wikipedia.

Your first goal should be to have some of your web page edits approved.

3. Caution: Be Neutral

Don’t let yourself believe that Wikipedia will allow ‘biased’ information on any of its pages. Even if you do carry out such edits, someone will have them removed in no time.

You can be an active member at the Wikipedia Community and argue your case but edits that are self-serving can hardly be defended. You know that.

So, do NOT try sounding salesy about your company, brand, products etc. Do NOT try to smash your competitors’ reputation either.

Wikipedia is not a place to do that.

Your goal is to look like ‘just another author’ on Wikipedia when you link to your or a client’s website!

4. Keep the Audience Intent in Mind When Inserting Reference Links  

If you’ve just published a really long, useful and factually correct piece on ‘101 Workplace Safety Guidelines for Handymen Professionals,’ you can add it on one of the closely related pages on topics such as:

  1. Handyman Wikipedia Page
  2. Workplace safety
  3. Tradesmen safety at workplace

When searching for suitable pages for edits, think of the audience intent.

What could people be possibly reading on Wikipedia when they may want to check your reference on ‘101 Workplace Safety Guidelines for Handymen Professionals’?

5. Creating a Company or Product Page

In case you’re creating a company page on Wikipedia, make sure to back all information by adding suitable references.

Links to press releases, news reports and such sources should be added to prove that the information on the page is authentic.

6. Add Content First, Links Later

It’s natural to be tempted to add links in a hurry.

After all, you can add links to just about any page that ranks high up on SERPs for a highly competitive keyword like ‘Internet Marketing.’

But, you probably know that Wikipedia editor hawks will come swooping within minutes and remove all links.

So, focus on adding content to existing pages first.

As far as links are concerned, try adding them in references as and when possible. They are less likely to be removed.  

7. Do NOT Do It All At Once

Trying to speed things up is a bad idea. If you want to add links to your website, blog etc. on multiple Wikipedia pages, make sure that you

  • First ‘be of some service and contribute to some random pages,’ move on to
  • Insert 1 link to a target website
  • Repeat the process
  • Do not try creating links to the same website time and again

Final Words
The process is no doubt tedious and the links you get from Wikipedia pages are no-follow. But the traffic and visibility you get will actually be worth the effort. Let us know in the comments below what your experiences or successes have been with Wikipedia. 

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