Did you know your website is your greatest sales tool? Or at least, it should be.

Too many business owners let their websites languish online, untouched and un-optimized. Here’s the thing, though: your website can be a sales conversion powerhouse if you just follow a few simple tips. Here are some digital marketing strategies that can help you realize your website’s full potential.

Make Your Website SEO Friendly

We’re an SEO company, so of course the first thing we’re going to talk about is your website’s optimization. If you’re not already familiar with SEO, it’s simply the process of making a website or a web page more indexable to search engines like Google, so their algorithms can increase your ranking.

When the search engine can read your website easily and quickly, and when you have strong, keyword-rich content, it will award you more authority in search engines. And since the top 3 search results get the vast majority of clicks, SEO is an effective way of getting more traffic—and more clients.

If you don’t have the time or SEO expertise to optimize your website yourself, don’t worry—we’ll do it for you! Our digital marketing company will:

  • Research keywords which are being searched the most in Google that could generate more traffic, and insert them into key places throughout your content
  • Create blogs and other content to keep your website fresh and relevant to search engines
  • Optimize images with names, captions, and alt tags
  • Implement internal and external links to gain more site authority

If your business is in the Raleigh area, and you have more questions about SEO and how it works, let’s schedule an in person meeting. If your business is out of the Raleigh area, we’d love to talk over the phone.

Make Your Website Responsive

Research repeatedly shows increases in the vast majority of searches occurs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. That makes sense—most people aren’t carrying around desktop computers in their pockets.

To help improve your visitors’ user experience and encourage them to keep returning, make sure your website and mobile versions are aligned and synchronized. Or confirm your website converts to a display that’s friendly and adaptive to any users’ device from iPhones and iPads to Androids and other tablets. This means that browsing your website on a mobile capable device should be as fast, easy, and visually similar as browsing it on a desktop.

A responsive, unified website doesn’t just help with customer satisfaction; it also boosts your SEO results. Responsive websites make it easy for visitors to share your blogs and content on social media, which informs the search engine that what you have to say has value. It also improves your overall website speed, which is a critical SEO ranking factor.

When more visitors remain on your website longer, it also decreases your bounce rate, which further helps your search rankings. And finally, when you don’t have to pay to support two versions of the same website, you definitely save bundles of cash, which you can then spend on other digital marketing strategies. It’s a win-win all around.

Make Your Website More Attractive  

Yes, attractive. We know that is a subjective term, but we all know if a website looks nice, compared to one that looks like it was made in the 80’s. If it does, it probably was. 

You may think that having an aesthetically pleasing website is for frou-frou artsy types, but it’s actually vital to building visitor engagement. It’s pretty simple: humans like pretty things. They like to stay in, interact with, and return to, nice places—even virtual places. Strong website design, complimentary colors, a sleek, modern logo, and other design details can impress your customers, instill trust, and sell them on your products and services.

A good web designer or web design company can help make your website more appealing with:  

  • Simple, clean design styles and shapes that don’t go overboard (no annoying Flash, pop-ups, or music necessary)
  • Clear, intuitive navigation structures which guide users effortlessly from page to page in the direction you want for them to call you, fill out a form, or interact with something on the site you want them to see
  • Legible, easy-to-read typography (please, no white words on a black background)
  • Professional, non-stock photography that’s unique to your site alone

Make Your Website Engaging

We’ve written before on the importance of having a blog on your website. To save you a click, it’s because the blog area of the website is where fresh content is consistently added (as opposed to your webpages, which usually stay pretty static.) Fresh content informs the search engine that your website is relevant and active as well as providing an open invitation back to the site to crawl and index the new content regularly with your submitted sitemap in Google Search Console; it also allows you to leverage trending keywords and topics as they occur. The next time there’s news in your industry that has everybody talking, you can post a blog about it, and enjoy the popularity boost.

Another word for all this is “content marketing,” and it’s another service that we specialize in here at Whiteboard. A professional content marketing company writes for search engines and humans, so your content will demonstrate your industry knowledge; build trust; and assist with improving your SEO rankings through more relevant and indexable content by Google. It’s a strategy that tends to be pretty effective—in fact, research shows that businesses who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don’t!

Make Your Website Customized

By customized, we mean that the website changes based on the interests or past behaviors of visitors. For example, when a visitor arrives at your website for the first time, they’re greeted with default, non-targeted content. The next time they return, however (or if the visitor becomes a customer), the content becomes personalized based on that customer’s specific interests. This type of engagement boosts your user experience, and genuinely does increase your leads and conversions. Some examples of these types of websites could be more eCommerce focused, like Amazon or Macy’s. Smaller brands are creating these intuitive websites as well, though. So, it’s not completely out of the question for start-ups or growing brands.

Make Your Website Social

We’re not huge fans of social media, because we know from our years of experience that other digital marketing strategies, like SEO and PPC, tend to give clients a lot more bang for their buck. However, there’s no denying that social media is a huge part of the modern world, and for clients in the restaurant, fashion, retail, and lifestyle industries, it can be a cornerstone of a strong marketing and branding strategy.

Therefore, make sure that you at least consider the social image you’re providing to the world, and integrate it with your overall digital strategy. By which we mean—place share buttons on every page! Share buttons make it easy for visitors to share your content and spread the word about your expertise (which is another factor that helps your SEO scores.)

Note: With all that said, Social Media Paid Search like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads usually generate a ton of traffic when implemented correctly, and are typically very budget-friendly, too! 

Make Your Website a Smashing Success with Whiteboard Digital Marketing

When its’ built correctly, your website can function as your best salesperson–24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Your website handles more tasks and greets more visitors in one day than a human salesperson ever could, whiles serving as the first consumer touchpoint for your brand.

If your web content marketing and web design aren’t up to scratch, your website isn’t a marketing tool—it’s just a very fancy business card that tells customers where they can reach you. It doesn’t tell them why they should contact you, or why you’re better than the competition. 

If you need help improving your search rankings, or just getting more leads and conversions, Whiteboard Digital can help. We’ve got over 10 years of digital marketing experience, as well as a team of professional web designers, web developers, marketing strategists, and content writers who can help you make the most of your business. If you’d like to learn more, just give us a call!


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