The BEST Way to Leave a Review on the New Google+

What has Google done now? This is what I woke up to last week when they rolled out the new Google+ pages. Yeah sure, we can revert back to the “Classic” view, but will average web users do this? Probably not.

So, how can we leave reviews in the new Google+ business pages.

Now, not all Google+ pages have been converted, but I know ours has and it looks pretty bad. There is no information to show our customers or potential customers. You get a big red page, a logo, address and web URL. There is no option to show a phone number. There is no option to “Write a review”. WHAT?!?! Those are crucial components to any business trying to rank well locally. Remember NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). It’s clouded in mystery now with the new structure and layout of the Goolge+ pages.

That’s why I felt inclined to find the best way to leave a review on the new Google+ pages. I hope my video will help you as a business owner to adapt and work with this new setup in order to drive your customers/clients/patients to the proper links so they can leave you stellar reviews efficiently and without much thought.

You still need to be logged into your Google account, so keep that in mind. I’d love to hear about your experiences and tips in the comments below so people can easily leave reviews in the new Google+ pages.

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Patrick McCoy - Internet Marketing Consultant
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