Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does for a website what word of mouth does for a product or service. It increases the visibility of a website in various search engines, eventually driving more traffic to it.

Why are search engines important?
Whenever a web user needs any type of information from the web, but does not have an idea where to find it, they use a search engine to find the required information. In other words, search engines locate this information for them based on search terms entered, commonly referred to as “keywords” or “keyword phrases”. The search engines list relevant links per those terms the user has specified among the countless websites and web pages present on the World Wide Web. All the websites relevant to the user specified keywords appear in the search results produced by the search engine. Websites that have a higher density of the required keywords appear on the top of the list produced by the search engine. The higher a website appears towards the top of the search results, the more opportunities there are for the user to click on it.

What is SEO and why should you use it for your website?
Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility to search engines. The higher a website’s visibility, the quicker and easier it will be picked up by search engines, which in turn will mean more visitors for the website. Unlike search engine marketing, SEO is done through unpaid search results, also called natural, organic or algorithmic search results.

Every website may have a different purpose and a different target audience, but there is one thing common among them all… Every website needs visitors. In order to attract visitors, different types of web promotion tools are employed, including web content development, search engine submissions, search engine marketing or PPC, social media marketing, and or course, SEOIf you already have developed great content for your website, you now need to move on to SEO in order to improve your visibility. You can either choose to do it yourself or hire an SEO consultant. The benefit of hiring an SEO consultant or an SEO company comes in the form of their task specific knowledge and expertise. These consultants can take care of your website visibility needs in a much better way to increase web visibility and improve your return on investment.

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