Website SSL Certificates

Your Website Visitors Want a Secure Connection… SSL Certificates Make that Possible

Google doesn’t exist to provide favors to website owners or SEO professionals or web development companies. They exist to offer the best possible experience for their searchers who are using their products and search engine to locate the most relevant content based on exactly what they want.

In recent years, web security has become a hot topic and no longer a “trend”. It is no longer an option to want to lock down information or other connectivity through a website. And Google recognized this and decided to provide a small boost in online relevance and presence to those businesses who adapt to utilizing and encrypting their connection through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.

Benefits of SSL Certificates for Your Website

  • August 6, 2014 Google made the recommendation that every website should have an SSL
  • Google gives a small boost in website rankings for having an SSL
  • Google moved ALL of their searches to a SSL protected environment (now when you use Google, you will notice the green HTTPS and padlock in the address bar)
  • Website visitors and potential customers want to feel secure when browsing a website
  • SSLs are the most reliable form of data security on the web today
  • SSLs display a higher level of credibility and technology adaption for small business owners
  • Visual trust indicators as shown below give website visitors peace of mind for safe browsing
  • SSLs encrypt data from submitted online forms and eCommerce websites passing from the website/domain to the server
  • Installing an SSL today is for sure future-proofing your domain for any security Google updates

What SSL Certificate Do I Need for My Website?

The easiest way to determine if a website is using a secure connection is to look out for the two most common types of SSL Certificates utilized by small businesses and web developers as noted below.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates – DV SSLs are the most common used among small business owners and web developers as they are easily accessible and relatively inexpensive to acquire. DV SSLs only require that your domain name is validated among some other light business contact information and website hosting provider.

DV SSLs show up in your web browser as shown below (this is from Google Chrome). You will see a green HTTPS signal and padlock letting you know that the website connection is secure.

Extended Validated SSL Certificates –
EV SSLs are an extension to DV SSLs whereby, as a small business owner, you have to supply formal paperwork of your real company name, letters from your attorney or accountants and can be a hassle. However, it provides a much more “official” look on the browsers as see below. EV SSLs are more expensive and the process to get the business validated can take a while if you don’t have all of your paperwork readily available, so keep that in mind.

EV SSLs show up in your web browser as shown below (this is Google Chrome). You will see a full green background bar, HTTPS connection in green and the full, official business entity which was validated.

How We Help Get Your Website Secured

We will help you get your SSL Certificate purchased and validated. If you need an EV SSL, then you will have to be ready to supply documents to the SSL issuing vendor we work with. Then we will install the SSL onto the server and do full testing to make sure your address bar is showing with the HTTPS signals.

If you purchase your SSL through Whiteboard Creations, we will we will setup and install for FREE.

Interested in taking securing your website with a SSL to give your visitors comfort and peace of mind? Give our Cary / Raleigh Website SSL Certificate company a call today or fill out the online form to the left for your free project consultation.