Website Design

Custom Web Design

Trust is the key to generating sales and growing your customer base. And research shows that the fastest way to build trust among online consumers is through quality website design.

At Whiteboard, we build custom WordPress sites that are beautiful, responsive, and easy to modify. And with the power of WooCommerce, you can sell products your way, using the apps you trust most–like MailChimp, Square, or Stripe.

Your website is your online storefront and showroom; we think it should leave a great first impression. Look great, move stock, find customers. Sacrifice nothing.

Ready to look professional with custom web design?

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Responsive Websites

Over 50 percent of internet traffic is mobile, but less than 1 percent of sites are optimized for accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Even more telling, sites without AMP have lower Google quality scores and higher bounce rates.

If your site doesn’t look good on tablets or phones, you could be missing out on a lot of business.

At Whiteboard, we build all our sites with mobile screens in mind. We make sure images, text, and menus scale nicely on all devices without sacrificing branding or quality.

Ready to start reeling in mobile customers with responsive websites?

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WordPress Web Design

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UX Design

What’s the point of having a beautiful site if it’s hard to use? Poor user experience (UX) is one of the biggest reasons why people bounce. If it takes a customer than three clicks to find a specific product or service, they will typically leave your site and shop elsewhere.

You need better UX design, and we’re here to help. Let Whiteboard figure out how, why, and where people use your website. We’ll move your most popular products and services to the top of the page, simplify your navigation menu, and improve your site’s search function so people can find things more quickly.

Ready to improve your site’s performance with better UX design?

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