Social Media Management

Between Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Google Maps, Where Does a Business Begin with a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Almost everyone has social media these days. In fact, over 200 million Americans use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest; and of those, most spend about two and a half hours per day browsing, watching, liking, connecting, commenting and posting.

If you’re here, it’s safe to assume you’re one of those Americans. And you probably think you know a thing or two about managing your social media. How hard could it be, after all? It’s just posting and liking stuff, right?

Not quite. Social Media Management (SMM) is the cornerstone of great digital branding; it’s your most effective tool for managing customer satisfaction, generating interest, and nurturing leads. If done well, it can transform your business into an online powerhouse.

And we’re here to help you do it.

What is Social Media Management?

At its core, Social Media Management (SMM) means delivering consistent, quality content to your target audience using the channels they use most. It consists of managing your front-facing interactions across all your social platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) and involves scheduling posts, tracking trends, answering questions, and addressing complaints.

In other words, SMM is an opportunity to talk with your audience, rather than at them. Receive raw, unfiltered feedback about your work; and develop strong, close relationships with your customers. It’s a chance to thank people for great reviews and fix things when something goes wrong.

How can Social Media Management improve my business?

SMM has been proven to dramatically improve business’ online reputations and reach. By constantly creating and posting content, you are pushing your brand to the front of your customers’ feeds. The more they see you, the more they think about you. And the more they think about you, the more likely they are to buy your products or use your services.

Every interaction is a chance to improve public opinion–even comments on negative feedback.

(Note: not all social media channels are appropriate for all business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you probably don’t need SMM for Pinterest or YouTube. Instead, focus on the social channels that best reflect your business; Facebook and Instagram are probably your best bets.)

How do I add Social Media Management to my marketing?

The bigger your business grows, the harder it gets to post content, field comments, and handle complaints. And research shows that leaving a comment, review or a direct message unanswered can negatively impact your brand.

So let us handle it.

At Whiteboard, we make sure our clients are using the most appropriate channels for their business. If you’re having trouble figuring out which platforms are best for you, drop us a line.

Let’s work together to set branding guidelines, build a fan base, and grow your reach. Partner with Whiteboard Creations today!

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