Secure WordPress Hosting

Prevent Hackers & Malware. Increase Page Load Speed. Eliminate Downtime.

Consider web hosting like the engine of a car while the structure and creativeness of your website represents the design of your car and the web developer as your airbags.

We all know it is the engine that gives you the performance and power, the design gives you the head turning looks and the web developers provide the security and protection.

Working with our WordPress web development company you receive reliable and experienced WordPress solutions. Our partnership with the dedicated WordPress hosting company, WP Engine, was formed based out of a need to give our customers only the best WordPress hosting solution built for speed, power and proactive security to compliment an outstanding design we create for your business.

Dedicated & Secure WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress powers millions of websites all over the world and is susceptible to having vulnerabilities left open by developers of plugins, developers of themes, and entry points of access via cPanel, FTP, databases, domain registrars, WP admin panels, so finding the best host for your WordPress website is crucial.

When you partner with our WordPress web hosting company, you receive an exceptional hosting platform without breaking the bank. WP Engine’s servers are comprehensively secure as they work closely with the group at The WordPress Foundation, the creators of WordPress. Security updates and vulnerabilities are caught faster and handled more efficiently due to this partnership.

Web hosting is a key component to the success of your website. WP Engine prevents hackers from access, thus reducing malicious files uploading, furthering the efforts to keep your website safe from Google’s blacklisting red page.

But, Why Do We Use & Recommend WP Engine?

When searching for a host for your WordPress website, you must look at what differentiates that host from all of the others like GoDaddy, BlueHost, DreamHost and the slew of others in the world. A hosting company, like WP Engine for example, offers so much more than the others, such as:

  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Site Backups & 1 Click Restore  Options
  • Powerful Firewall that Will Protect Your Data from Outside Threats
  • Proactive Detection and Elimination of Dangerous Malware
  • Easily Enabled SSL Across Your Site for Security and SEO Boosts
  • Free Malware Removal with Immediate Technical Support
  • Full Time Engineering Staff and Dedicated Labs Team
  • Massive & Seamless Scalability to Handle Sudden Traffic Increases
  • Blazing Fast Page Load Speeds
  • … and So Much More!

When you hire our Apex web design and SEO company to provide hosting for your website, we will guarantee you with all of the above services leading to a more secure WordPress website.

Interested in securing your website and making it run faster and with more power? Give our WordPress hosting company a call today or click here to fill out our online form for your free consultation.