Paid Search Marketing

Twenty years ago, marketing was akin to sorcery–an imprecise alchemy of timing, creativity, and psychology. Budgets were vague, results were hard to measure, and hiring an agency to manage your brand was about as risky as buying a lottery ticket.

This isn’t the case today. Paid Search Marketing allows you to track progress, measure results, customize bids, and reach your target audience. It’s the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to advertise your business.

And Whiteboard is here to help you make the most of it to maximize your return.

What is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid Search Marketing allows you to place advertisements on the internet’s biggest search engines and social media platforms via online auctions. Basically, you tell Google or Facebook (and now even Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn) who you want to reach, what you would like to accomplish (e.g. clicks, views, completed sales, form submissions, etc.) and how much you’re willing to spend per month; and they’ll make sure your ads get seen. It’s that simple.

But high bids aren’t the only factors that affect your visibility; ad quality and relevance are just as important as your budget. Google, for example, uses several factors to determine your ad ranking, including:

• Expected click-through rate
• Ad relevance
• Landing page experience

In other words, if you take your time creating a useful, informative landing page, crafting a relevant keyword list, and writing interesting ads, then Google will reward you with a higher Quality Score. The higher your score, the less you have to spend per month to maintain your ranking. Pretty neat, huh?
How can Paid Search Marketing improve my business?
Paid Search Marketing is the safest, most effective way to spend your advertising budget. It only charges when it works, meaning you don’t have to pay when it doesn’t.

For example, if you’re running a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaign that tracks form submissions, and you only receive one form per week, then you only have to pay for those submissions–no matter how many people see your ads.

This method of generating leads is much more effective than, say, mailing forms to every homeowner in a five-mile radius; no matter how many people mail your forms back, you still have to pay for the initial paper and postage. No bueno.

Besides, you can turn your ads off whenever you like. If you hit your monthly goal, run out of product, or want to switch things up with another kind of marketing, all you have to do is hit ‘pause.’ No need to wait out the end of your billing cycle; no cancellation fees. And you can pick it back up whenever you want.

And online ads will never overspend. Ever. If you somehow spend your entire budget before the end of the billing cycle, the platform will simply stop running your ads.

How do I add Paid Search Marketing to my overall marketing?

If you think Paid Search Marketing sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. Between building landing pages, creating campaigns, researching and testing keywords, and writing ads, it can take a small business owner weeks to get their first campaign set up.

And you don’t have weeks, do you?

Let Whiteboard handle it. Let’s work together to set goals, build campaigns, and track results. Partner with Whiteboard Creations today!

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