Custom Web Apps

Can’t find an app or web service that fits your exact needs? Looking to automate your online store? Want to make something cool that no one’s seen before? You need a full stack developer who specializes in custom web apps.

We’ve got you covered.

What are custom web apps?

Custom apps come in several forms, depending on the job you need done. Here are a few of our top sellers:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a licensing model in which software is sold on a subscription basis and controlled by a central host. Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Slack, and Steam all use the SaaS model to distribute their products. Users don’t necessarily own the software; they own the right to use it.

Mobile Apps

Over 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and only a portion of that traffic comes from browsers like Chrome or Safari. The rest comes from apps. If your business offers a unique product or service, consider creating a mobile app. It can help generate more traffic for your business and reduce the number of “clicks” necessary to complete a purchase.

Business intelligence dashboards

What’s the point of having a ton of data, if you have no way to read it? Business intelligence dashboards place data visualizations at your fingertips. Want to create a bar graph comparing leads between quarters? Want to create a pie chart that shows demographic information in real time? We can do it.

How can custom web apps help my business?

If you can think up a way to make your life easier, we can do it. From workflow systems to inventory automations–anything is possible.

Want to create a cloud platform to manage your business’ assets? We can do that. Want to create a mobile shopping app for your store? We can do that, too. The sky’s the limit.

We specialize in the following applications:

  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Spoken apps and voice integrations for smart homes
  • Mobile apps
  • APIs
  • Software integrations
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Software development
  • Cloud software/integrations

Our services are agile and scalable, meaning we can deliver quality products on a tight schedule, no matter your size or budget.

Where do I start?

Got a cool idea for your business but no idea where to start? We can help.

No matter your project, our development team can handle it. Partner with Whiteboard, and let us build your next content management system (CMS), email server, mobile app, or web portal.

Let’s make something cool together.

Ready to organize your work with custom web apps?