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Traditional marketing used to be the primary way for businesses to promote and sell their offerings. Yet in recent years, online marketing methods such as search engine optimization and content marketing have replaced it. While these often produce excellent results, they do take time. There’s got to be a faster way! There is; it’s called paid search marketing.

How Paid Search Marketing Works

Paid search marketing is basically the special promotion of your website in search engine results. You’ve probably noticed the sponsored listings that appear in the section above regular or organic search results. The companies that claim those highly visible spots have paid for that ad space. You can do the same.


You can get sponsored listings on Google and Facebook through Google Ads and Facebook Ads respectively. Also on Facebook, you can pay to boost your posts, pushing them to people who are likely to be interested in your business. Additionally, for those who’ve shown an interest in the past but failed to take definitive action, you can use retargeting to reconnect with them.

What Paid Search Marketing Can Accomplish

Among other things, this type of online marketing can:

  • Drive more relevant traffic to your website
  • Result in more inquiries from potential customers
  • Boost your sales and grow your customer base

Surely you’d like to do all of the above!

How to Crush Paid Search Marketing

To get the results above and more, your paid advertising campaigns must 1) target a specific subset of your audience and 2) compliment other online marketing techniques. This is where our Raleigh online marketing agency comes into play.

We leverage our knowledge of the local demographic and of marketing standards and best practices to target those likely to convert. In doing so, your results are enhanced and the cost of advertising is kept under control.

Too, we craft complete and balanced online marketing strategies designed to accomplish your long-term goals. We don’t just aim for “quick wins” with paid search marketing or other speedy methods. Our number one priority is to set you up for continued success in the years to come.

Would you like to discuss your business’ goals and needs with us? Contact us today to learn about our online marketing options, as well as where paid search marketing fits into the plan!