I was forwarded an email this morning which caught my eye. Most forwards from my brother don’t as I tend to waste the few seconds reading the subject line about some Prince in another country who has $1M dollars to hand over to me because I was supposed to be heir to something. This email was not like that though. It’s about what’s out there on the internet about YOU and instructions on about to remove your public listing which you didn’t know existed. I’m not saying there aren’t more sites out there like this, but this one at least allows you to remove your public listing completely. I did and here’s how you can too.

1. Visit www.spokeo.com

2. Enter in your name and the city you live in (if you have lived in multiple cities, then follow the same steps below for those listings also)

3. Click search to see the results

4. Find your name, address and information on the left side and click on it

5. On the new page which shows only your information, copy the URL in the address bar

6. In the bottom right side of the website, click on the link “Privacy”

7. This is where you can remove your listing – Paste your URL into the designated bar and enter your email and the captcha code characters and submit

8. Now, check your email and click the link to confirm the removal of your public listing from this website It’s that simple. Manage the information you can within the internet and the public websites.

I hope you found this helpful and if you did, please share the link with your friends and family so they may also keep their private information private.


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