Is Your Non-Mobile Friendly Website Killing Conversions?

Is Your Non-Mobile Friendly WebsiteJust when you thought technology couldn’t be more of a pain in your company’s assets… something changes, again.

You’ve spent several thousands of dollars on web design, development and content and now Google is stating websites should be mobile friendly with responsive design? What’s that all about?

Well, in case you weren’t confused and frustrated enough, this is part of responsive web design. Something we specialize in. Heck, you are reading this on a responsive designed website and blog! 

In this article we will talk about why you should have a mobile-friendly website.

What is a Mobile Friendly Website?
A mobile-friendly website is one which is simply formatted for smartphones, tablets and anything mobile. While on the “Go”, more and more people are searching for things on their phones rather than on their laptop. They expect easy to use, fast loading mobile-friendly websites with quick navigable links.

It is so popular that most template-starter site companies will auto-fit your website for mobile free. While others in the web development world are trying to quickly clean up their client sites before those said clients jump ship to a competitor who is up to speed with Google’s algorithm changes.

How Do Non-Mobile Friendly Websites Kill Your Conversions?
The concept is simple, if you can’t be found using the most important piece of technology just about every consumer has, a smartphone or tablet, your website is dead. You will only be left with two types of conversions, word-of-mouth or those using computers, and data is showing mobile usage is exponentially increasing.

What Do Consumers Want from Mobile Websites Today?
Consumers want an optimal user friendly site that flows quickly with the ability to make a phone call or fill out an online form with ease. This is because they want information fast.

Mobiles users should be called, Type-A Users.

Mobile web design is on the cutting edge of apps and intuitive software. This is because people want to be able to stand in line in a department store and get a coupon or they want to whisper to SIRI and get to a web ready site of their choice so they can compare a price or see if Amazon can beat a price. The ability to do all of this as fast as they can becomes crucial to the success of a website or a business.

What Does Google’s Research Say?
According to FORBES magazine – Google is telling us that not having a mobile website means you are turning people away. You see, social media is the culprit here. There is a monopoly on mobile ads and Facebook, Twitter and Google has them. You are basically being dictated to buy the social media ads to be relevant. To be found.

The technology in smartphones like the iPhone, Samsung, Windows and HTC phones is changing rapidly and becoming faster with each new OS update. 61% of those that own a smartphone say they are more likely to buy a product or service through a responsive website. In other words, speed through a mobile-friendly site remains a top priority to developers, web hosts and business owners. 

What’s the Secret Sauce to Making an Optimal Responsive Website?
According to Google – you need to have certain features that keep the site relevant and gives their searches the best possible experience.

Some of those features that are most important to consumers are videos, bigger text, larger buttons and faster ways to purchase product at check out. Among many other important components all responsive websites should have, which we can inform you about.

Google also kind of gives the small business owner no choice but to advertise with them. They drive so much traffic to mobile sites that a lot of companies report a 48% jump in sales. People who primarily purchase goods or services online will do so with a company that has a mobile site.

More Statistics on Responsive Websites
Most people have reported to the leading mobile companies that they are stuck to mobile websites simply because it is easier to get checked into different locations. When you check in, it is more than just for Facebook friends to find you, it is for you to get deals from the participating place you check into, while you are simultaneously on a coupon website looking for another deal or a better deal.

The QRC codes are also a big hit. People are more likely to give to charities, for example, “Wounded Warriors” that have their QRC code on the back of the Ketchup bottles in Denny’s and other establishments. Coupon codes that are available on-the-spot are given a great deal of value by many consumers as well.

The point of the matter is mobile websites and responsive web design are the wave of the present and future in web technology. Stay on top of it or settle to the bottom of what is and what will be a very crowded un-evolved market.

Let us know what you think about mobile friendly and responsive websites and how you interact with them when browsing the web. 

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