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Online marketing is now one of the main ways businesses promote and sell their offerings. Many use a combination of search engine optimization, content marketing, and other techniques to make themselves more visible and appealing to consumers. Another method that’s becoming more widely used, especially by small businesses, is paid search marketing.

Do You Know What Paid Search Marketing Is?

You’ve most likely noticed the section that often appears above regular results in search engine results pages. This space is reserved for paid ads. Paid search marketing (PSM), then, refers to the practice of paying for such sponsored listings.

These listings can appear on Google after being created using Google Ads, as well as on other search engines including Facebook. Also on Facebook, you can pay for Boosted Posts so that your posts are shown to the people most likely to respond.

You can probably already see the benefits associated with PSM. It gets better, though! Through retargeting, you have a second chance at reaching and converting consumers who’ve had contact with your business previously.

What Else Can PSM Accomplish?

In addition to the opportunity created by retargeting, PSM can:

  • Create additional awareness of your business
  • Result in more engaged traffic to your website
  • Help you rake in more sales, especially online

Do you think paid search marketing might be an effective tool for your business?

What You Should Know

To make a success of PSM, you must realize 1) that targeting can make or break your ad campaign and 2) that your online marketing strategy must include more than just this one technique.

To target the portion of your audience that’s most likely to convert requires a great deal of research and knowledge of the local demographic especially. Otherwise, costs will quickly add up while leaving you with limited results.

Too, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking you can get all your online traffic, leads, and sales solely by paying for ads. In the long run, you’ll need to employ other techniques as well. It’s our job and our pleasure to help you determine the best one for your business and then to execute your custom strategy.

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