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More and more, business owners are being encouraged to try search engine optimization (SEO). While this urging may make it seem as if SEO were new, it’s actually been around for decades. Although the way it’s done has changed markedly, its purpose remains the same. Search engine optimization is the process by which websites earn highly visible spots in search results, preferably on the first page.

Earning Excellent Rankings

How can you claim such coveted spots in the results of Google, Bing, and other major search engines? There are several practices that you can use, including:

  • Audits to determine current SEO performance and measure the success of future efforts
  • On-page optimization to improve various aspects of the content on web pages
  • Technical SEO, focusing on aspects besides content which impact the outcome of indexing
  • Off-page optimization, which is mainly centered on acquiring links and citations

Normally, these techniques are combined to form one well-rounded strategy.

Does Search Engine Optimization Pay Off?

As you can probably tell, SEO is quite a complex process. Is it worth the investment of your time and resources? Absolutely! It can:

  • Increase your business’ online visibility (locally, nationwide, or even globally, depending on the customers you want to attract)
  • Reveal additional information about your target market that can be used to strengthen your marketing strategy
  • Set you up for a consistent or increasing amount of sales, especially online

Imagine the impact these advantages could have on your business…

Be Smart About Optimization

Before you get too excited and jump into SEO without the necessary skills and knowledge, consider this: There are hundreds of factors search engines consider when ranking websites, and not all of them are known. Therefore, it’s best to leave optimization to someone who understands the “common knowledge” factors and, from past experience, can predict how they interact with the unknowns.

Additionally, since algorithms, ranking factors, and methods change so often, you’ll want someone with a background in SEO who can quickly adapt to keep your strategy sharp. Our Durham search engine optimization experts have this and much more to offer you.

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