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Online marketing has dethroned traditional marketing when it comes to promoting and selling products or services. From SEO to content marketing to affiliate marketing, there are so many ways to attract and convert customers online. Yet, often the results they produce are gradual. It’s just the opposite in the case of paid search marketing.

Paid Search Marketing: What Is It?

You’ve probably seen the ads or sponsored listings that appear above unpaid results on search engine results pages (SERPs). Buying a spot in such listings is called paid search marketing (PSM). To get ads on Google’s SERPs, you’d use Google ads; the same goes for Facebook and Facebook Ads. Also on Facebook, you could purchase Boosted Posts, which push your posts to targeted audiences.


Then, there’s retargeting, which gives you a second chance at converting potential customers who previously interacted with your business.

What Does Paid Search Marketing Accomplish?

Among other things, PSM can lead to:

  • Increased online visibility, giving you an edge over your competitors
  • More (and better engaged) website traffic
  • A significant increase in sales (often within a short period of time)

As you can see, this form of marketing can be a worthwhile investment. To get the best return on that investment, though, you’ll need professional assistance.

Why Work With an Online Marketing Agency?

There are two things you must know about PSM. One, in the long-term, it doesn’t work as a standalone marketing strategy. Two, it hardly works at all when ad campaigns are not precisely targeted.

To get you lasting results, we incorporate other highly effective marketing techniques into your strategy. We also ensure that your paid advertising campaigns are dialed in based on the search terms your potential customers are most likely to use, as well as their shared characteristics, behaviors and interests. In doing so, we attract more ready-to-buy consumers and keep your expenses down.

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