Responsive Websites 101: The Bare Necessities for a New Mobile Friendly Website

In a study of 5,388 smartphone & tablet users, 48% complained that websites were not optimized for mobile devices. As the number of smartphone users increase, more people will also complain about non-mobile friendly websites. You don’t want your customers … Read More >

9 Compelling Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Must be Responsive

After the proliferation of the Internet itself, and the ongoing cloud computing revolution, ‘going mobile’ is almost certainly the next big thing happening in the online marketplace right now.Consider This: We will have around 4.55 billion mobile users (worldwide) by … Read More >

The 100,000 Mile Oil Change…

Funny story, a friend of mine bought a car a few years back. It was her first car and she is not very mechanically inclined. She was very happy with her purchase and just drove and drove to her heart’s … Read More >

No-Brainer Strategy: Bring Web Design & SEO Together

When you get down to it, it’s all marketing. Web design is marketing! SEO is marketing! We believe that your website design, your content strategy and your SEO should be done under one roof. You need a consultant who can … Read More >

5 More Tips to Choose the Right Website Design Company

Once you have decided that you need to build a website for your business, and if like most small businesses you do not have in-house resources to build your own website, you will have to outsource the job. It is … Read More >

Difference Between Using Java and Flash For Your Website

Java is quite a commonly used language for computer programming and very popular as java programs can run unchanged on most hardware and/or software platforms. This application facilitates functionality as well as page layout. It is used to create animated … Read More >

How Can Law Firms and Attorneys Benefit from SEO?

We are living in an era where everyone relies on search engines to look for things, people, products and services. This makes it crucial for website owners to pay close attention to optimizing their websites. And lawyers and attorneys are … Read More >

Looks Are Everything These Days | Raleigh Web Design, Cary Web Design Firm

When others don’t personally know you or your company, how your website looks can say a lot about your business to prospective clients, existing clients and anyone else who may see the work. It’s important to educate yourself about recent … Read More >

Taglines, What Are They Good For?

Are you able to name the company behind such popular taglines as “Just Do It”, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, “The Breakfast of Champions”, “Tastes Great, Less Filling” and “Don’t Leave Home Without It”? If you didn’t have to think twice … Read More >


… to modify or build according to individual or personal specifications or preference. TEM?PLATE – anything that determines or serves as a pattern; a model; an electronic file with a predesigned format and structure ready to be filled in When … Read More >