Captivating Web Videos Tell Your Story & Help With SEO

So, you have this great business, all these terrific customers who speak the world of you, a cheerful staff and an immaculate office you just love showing off. Are you good enough to have your website visitors understand all of this through your website content, or even your photos?

Most small business owners are not. Business owners tend to give a brief overview of what’s going on and provide some decent images to help with visuals.

Are you one of them?

What’s it take to get your website viewers more engaged and better results for your SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns? 

Ten years ago, the world of web video was just beginning to sprout from an idea. Today, online or web video is everywhere acting as another social media vehicle: YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, MSN, Hulu, Vimeo and countless others helping business owners generate interest when people are visiting their websites.

Local Video SEO

Ask yourself if a custom web video on your website can:

  • Provide clients with an opportunity to get to know you and your staff
  • Present a crystal clear branded message
  • Emphasize client testimonials
  • Create paths for your site visitors to follow
  • Motivate the viewer to perform some type of action
  • Lift overall product & service sales
  • Aid in promoting an event or annual fundraisers
  • Develop educational training resources for new employees
  • Decrease Home page bounce rates
  • … or any of the other numerous positive reasons to have your very own web video.

Web Videos

Whiteboard helps create web videos for SEO to make the viewer desire to do something by the time their finished watching the video. Examples include: buy now, request more information, visit another web site, call a phone number, etc. This tactic is known as a “call-to-action” and it is often the difference between a nice video presentation accomplishing little, and one that gets powerful results for your business. Whiteboard will be producing a slew of web videos for the Blog, the website, landing pages, and much more with the help of a strategic partner, Your Local Studio, a video production company based in Cary, North Carolina. We always practice what we preach. 

More companies are making the move to online media with 2010 web video marketing ranking as the #1 priority for brands and agencies and that hasn’t changed as we approach 2015. Video is the future. The future is now. Unlock your potential with an effective video strategy to drum up more visits to your website, longer time spent on your site, more page views and to ultimately drum up more clients!

Let us know how you are using videos in your websites or internet marketing campaigns in the comments below. 

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Patrick McCoy - Internet Marketing Consultant
As Founder & President of Whiteboard Creations, Patrick is just as dedicated to writing articles about website design and internet marketing as he is managing the day to day operations for the business. Keep connected with Patrick via Google+ & LinkedIn.
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