Pay per click or PPC advertising is an online advertising model whereby you can get your advertisement placed in text format on the results page of web searches. This is the centre text you can see on a Google search results page placed at the top, highlighted in light pink color. The beauty of this advertising model is you only pay for it when people click on your ad. There are many benefits of PPC advertising. The main ones are discussed here.

Quick Results 

While it takes weeks or months for an SEO campaign to fully take effect and start producing results, a PPC campaign enables you to get your website placed on top of the organic results page right away. This makes your website visible in a matter of minutes; all you have to do is to set a budget amount you are willing to pay per click.

Control on Budget 

Setting up budget you want to pay per click gives you the opportunity to control sections of your portfolio differently. You might have one niche product and you may opt to spend lesser amount of budget on it, while decide to spend more on another mass product or service. With PPC advertising, you can do just that.

Geographic Targeting 

As opposed to local listings, PPC enables you to target audiences from whichever geographic area you want to target. While organic search results will only show the searched results from the searcher’s specific location, you choose to make yourself visible to a web searcher from a totally different location with PPC advertising.

Seasonal Gains 

Whereas organic results do not give you any control over where and when do you appear in search results, PPC provides an option to be visible during certain weeks of the year, days or hours of the week and so on. Therefore, through PPC advertising you can make a promotional campaign achieve its goals by choosing when the user should see your website displayed on the search results page.

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