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Online marketing is steadily taking precedence over traditional marketing techniques. It’s easy to see why since the internet is so widely used each day. To help businesses like yours reach and convert potential customers, there are a variety of online marketing methods you can invest in. You’ve likely heard of many of them including social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Another effective method you may have heard of is paid search marketing.

Paid Search Marketing Explained

Paid search marketing (PSM) is the practice of purchasing the sponsored listings found above organic, unpaid search results. These ads are often created using Google Ads, which allows businesses to appear in relevant search results based on keyword and audience targeting.

Yet paid search marketing can also be done elsewhere. For example, similar listings can be created using Facebooks Ads, along with Boosted Posts shown to people likely to be interested in your business. And for those who’ve had previous interaction with your business but fell just short of converting there’s a practice called retargeting.

What Paid Search Marketing Accomplishes

These practices can have numerous benefits, especially for small businesses with big competitors. It can:

  • Increase your business’ visibility online, resulting in more website traffic
  • Polish your reputation, giving your business more credibility
  • Lead to an increase in sales (in many cases, faster than with other methods)

Could PSM benefit your business?

Get Paid Search Marketing Done Right

Without a doubt, PSM is worth the investment–when two criteria are met.

First, your ad campaigns must be highly targeted to reach potential customers and get you the best return on investment. Our Apex PSM experts leverage our familiarity with the local market to find the most profitable keywords and narrow targeting to just the right audience.

Second, your online marketing strategy as a whole must consist of more than just paid search marketing. While it works fast, it in itself isn’t a long-term strategy. Our online marketing experts know this well and, therefore, work with you closely to round out your marketing efforts with other techniques. We don’t just get results, we get lasting results!

To find out how you can incorporate paid search marketing into your greater online marketing plan, contact us today!