In olden times they said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but in today’s era we can conveniently replace that with, “A video is worth a couple thousand of pictures at least”.

This roughly makes using a video within a website worth millions of words, thus leading to increased customer and site visitor engagement. This is especially true for small business websites.

1. Increase Interactivity of Your Website
In the digital world, interactivity is the name of the game. Make your website more interactive than your competition by adding relevant videos. High interactivity will engage the visitor in a better way and eventually lead to increased and more qualified leads.

2. Make The Viewer Stay On Your Website Longer
Web video production is a genre that is thriving not only because it can save visitors from reading lots of text but also because it makes them stay on a website longer. Once a visitor decides that a particular video will help their purpose of visiting a site, they will watch it in full, as long as it’s interesting and focused. This increases the chances of them spending much more time on small business websites, which they may otherwise only skim fleetingly.

3. Achieve Additional Revenue by Adding Links to Videos
You can further add to the direct benefits of adding videos to small business websites by placing links within the video. Such links often lead to a higher click through rate than when embedded within text.

Website videos are the new way to interact with your customers and those who come across or find your website. Grab their attention right away with a unique, entertaining and informational video from Whiteboard Creations.


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