Facebook is a social networking website that makes it not only a great place for personal networking, but also for professional networking. It can and should be used as a tool to promote your business. There are many reasons to use Facebook for business promotion and development. For one, it can work as a free marketing and promotional tool giving you access to hundreds and thousands of potential customers. Second, extending your business marketing and promotion to a social networking platform/website will exhibit your understanding and ability of adapting to newer technologies and web marketing tools. Facebook now has the ability to provide your business a means to communicate with many more people while providing an upbeat, web savvy image. Third, you must not lose out on the opportunity to directly connect with people through using such an interactive and user friendly platform.

I could go on and on about the advantages of Facebook for business owners, yet, I’ll reserve that for another article. Here are my top 10 tips for using Facebook as a small business:

  1. Create a fan page or a group for your business on Facebook and invite people to join. Spread the word. If you are a lesser known business, creating a group may be a better option.
  2. Keep socializing separate from business. Do not mix up your personal and business profiles on Facebook.
  3. Update the group/fan page profile daily or at most every other day. This will keep the information from getting redundant and stale.
  4. Link your business website to your group/fan page for brand consistency. Use the Facebook connect feature on your website.
  5. Publish as much information about your business on your group or fan page, such as: background, contact details, services, products, pictures, video, etc.
  6. Add your newsletter information or links on your Facebook page.
  7. Create an eye catching profile graphic or image which captures your business/brand messaging.
  8. Share relevant information in the form of articles, news, blogs, etc on your wall regularly.
  9. Add people to your group or suggest people to “LIKE” you fan page. Ask those already added to spread the word further and invite others. Within the group sections, you may download your email address book contact and invite them all to join.
  10. Sync your Facebook page to your Twitter account, so you can double the exposure of your posts while doing half the work.

Whiteboard Creations has helped numerous small businesses get set up on Facebook in creating an account, designing custom profile graphics (aka banner images), developing inner “Welcome” or “Services” tabs which can highlight additional business information as HTML pages, and also providing social media marketing services to create relevant content to post regularly while you focus on growing your company. Contact us today at [email protected] for more information on how we can help you grow your social media presence using Facebook.


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